And I'll promise you anything but another shot at life
“Troy come hold this!” "Why??"
We went on a photography date for Valentine’s :)
That’s Troy. 
I took a picture of Troy taking a picture of me taking a picture. He got a new camera :)

I’ve been gone for quite a few months now, but here’s a quality upload spam.


I got imported hot cocoa mix! It’s amazing and British people make it way better ♥
Finally figured out extended shutter. Don’t change the source! xx

This blog is now only going to be for me to upload my quality pics on. I’m not going to reblog things, and I won’t be active. If you want to unfollow it’s perfectly fine. It was great guys, quality was fun. But I quit. 



I’ve never seen a quality picture of the TARDIS…. so….
Kitten Taco! It looks so confused aw-Not my pic-
-Not my picture, please don’t change the source!-
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